Crystal Castle Empire LTD

Crystal Castle Empire LTD


Services of Castle Empire Limited

At Castle Empire Limited we provide to our esteem clients the following services:

  • Processing of application forms for admissions for studies abroad.
  • Establishment of NGO and training on how to run an NGO.
  • We provide travel experience through our full-service travel agency with our unique platform based global travel community.
  • Processing of application form for entry visas abroad. 
  • Registration of international examinations such as IELTS, TOEFL , GRE, GRE, TOEC and SAT Examinations for international studies.
  • We organize international conferences for state houses of assemblies, Nigerian Bar Association, Nursing and midwifery, individuals and corporate bodies. 
  • We organize distance learning studies for interested applicant who wants to study from a reputable university abroad, from ones home country. 
  • We process applications for fully and partially funded scholarship studies abroad for any international applicant. 
  • We provide quality information regarding visa applications and visa services to our clients. 

Our Professional Services:

At castle Empire Limited we undertake the following services;

  • Counseling on how to study abroad,
  • We help our clients secure a fully funded scholarship abroad .
  • We register international exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE SAT & MCAT Examinations.
  • Visa interview preparation classes
  • Student visa documentations process
  • Pre-departure and arrival information Planning.


We have a very strong networking of educational business partners around the globe, with associate partners, representatives and educational management training providers around the world .

Professional Experience:

We have a very strong background in talent management and implementation of all organizational activities both internal and external services.

Company Strength: 

This company is operated and promoted by a well-qualified and experience team of professionals, experts, career advisors, and trade specialists.


  • Training on fundraising techniques for new NGOs and other established nonprofit organization that cannot raise fund for any of their project activities.
  • Linking NGOs with donor agencies that can help them with funding opportunities for their organization and we training NGOs on the following:   

  Monitoringa & Evaluation 

  Project Planning Activities

  Proposal Writing Techniques

  Narrative Project Reporting System

  Advocacy Training

  Community Town Hall Meeting Techniques

  NGOs Networking Techniques

Partner Countries Countries

United States Uganda

United Kingdom Ghana

Australia Sudan

Austria Togo

New Zealand Benin Republic

Georgia Ivory Coast

China Gambia

Maldvis Kenya

Ireland Nigeria

France Liberia

Brussels Algeria

Scotland Morocco

Norway South Africa

Sweden Tanzania

Finland Cameroon

Denmark Liberia













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